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Your technology infrastructure is one that many people simply don’t think of. Realistically, it is one of upmost importance as it is what allows your equipment to interact with each other and connect to the outside world. It needs to be optimized for security and speed and it isn’t always that easy to replace. This is one part you don’t want to take lightly or ignore. Here are the things we do to help make everything function properly.

• Ethernet cable drops (network cables)
• Phone line drops
• Audio/Video cabling
• Router install & setup
• Switch installs
• Patch panel installs
• Firewall setup
• Wi-Fi extenders
• Access points


Once you have the infrastructure the way it needs to be then, and only then, can you focus on the equipment that will utilize it. You have options and many of them. Technology is improving and providing more ways to integrate every single day. For example, remember that PBX system you have in your office building? Did you know you that you easily phase it out and move to a networked phone system? Imagine having a business phone at your workplace and then having an extension of it in your home office. Ask us how we can help and see what else we can do to help save costs.

• Network or VoIP phone systems (Keep current phone lines or get new ones)
• Server install and setup
• Network hard drive setup
• Network USB hubs
• Smart TVs
• Network & Bluetooth audio
• Biometric time clocks
• IP cameras
• Wi-Fi lights
• Media streaming devices
• Printer/Scanner setup
• Digital signage

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