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Identity Theft and Cyber Crime

Identity theft and Cyber Crime go hand in hand. Cyber Crime alone affects about 556 million people a year and while online shopping is a convenient time saver it also increases your risk of becoming a victim of Cyber Crime. There are a few steps you can take to help prevent that from happening some of which I’ll go over today.

Your first line of defense is usually a password and with dozens to keep track of it is tempting to use the same one more than once or to resort to birthdays; resist that urge. Some other things to avoid within passwords would be nicknames, pet names and other similar things. While they’re easy go tos for passwords they’re also easy to guess which makes them vulnerable. It’s also a good idea to change your passwords every 90 days.

And like I mentioned last week make sure not to click any unknown or strange looking emails. This also goes for websites you usually use. Make sure it looks the same as it has for previous logins; a lot of sites have security images or checkpoints built in so make sure to use them. An encrypted website will start with “https” as opposed to “http”, this is an easy way to make sure you’re on a secure site.

And as always there’s antivirus software with protection from identity theft built in to it’s features. There’s also specialty software that can increase your security but usually when you follow the basic precautions I’ve just listed it’s usually unneeded.

As always be aware and protect yourself and if all else fails Techies4Me is here to help you out.

Julia Nary

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